The Bridge at Christ Church has a vision to impact our city and our world through the Holy Spirit's ministry of restoration to God, through Jesus Christ. 

Our purpose is to meet the needs of people by: 1) Bringing people to Salvation; 2) Ministering love, acceptance, forgiveness, healing and deliverance; 3) Training, equipping and preparing believers to do the work of the ministry. We are dedicated to fulfilling this purpose by means of the following: 

*Worship & Praise: Our first command from God is to love Him with all our heart, soul and mind. Praise is a calling to every believer. Mt 23:31; Jn 4:21-24; Isa 43:21 

*Prayer: Prayer brings spiritual maturity, Godly direction, miracles, creative ideas and the tearing down of strongholds. We emphasize prayer during our worship services, intercessory prayer groups and Bible fellowship groups. We encourage each individual to set aside a daily time in prayer. Mt 6:5-13; Mk 11:24-24; Col 4:2; James 5:16

*Preaching & Teaching: The vision of Christ Church is to constantly nurture believers as they grow to full maturity in spirit, soul and body. The teaching and preaching of the Word of God builds and equips believes to be and do what God desires.  Eph 4:11; Mt 4:23

*Fellowship: Every member of the church needs the other members. Gods uses each of us to supply something to someone else. Christ Church is committed to provide an environment conducive to fellowship that will help minister personally to the needs of individuals.

I Cor. 12:12-31; Acts 2:41-47

*Evangelism: God gave Jesus because He loved the world. His love has not changed. We are to go to the unsaved with this message of God*s love. Missions; outreach and ministry must happen in this nation, as well as abroad.  Mk 16: 15-18; Mt 28:18-20


A bridge of hope!